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We are looking forward to welcome attendees from around the world. At this page you can find updated information about the rules and regulations in terms of COVID. We strongly recommend all attendees refer to the guidance issued by the Austrian Authorities.

Read more here: https://www.austria.info/en/service-and-facts/coronavirus-information­

Covid rules during your stay in Austria

Arrivals to Austria currently do NOT need "3-G" proof (vaccinated/recovered or tested). During your stay, the following rules apply:

  • FFP 2 masks are no longer mandatory in essential shops and when using public transport in all Austrian federal provinces except for Vienna.
  • In Vienna only, FFP 2 masks remain compulsory on public transport and in pharmacies.
  • Children under the age of 6 are exempt, those from 6 to 13 can wear a regular mask while FFP2 masks are mandatory from the age of 14.
  • Fourteen-fifty: that’s the number you can dial around the clock in Austria to receive reliable information and assistance should you experience coronavirus symptoms. Here is everything you need to know about the health advice hotline 1450. (Please note that you need to include the Austrian country code +43 if you do not have an Austrian SIM card, so +43 1450.)­

What to do in case of a positive COVID-19 test result/ COVID-19 symptoms during the conference

  1. Information from the Austrian Federal Ministry  
  2. Patient information from the city of Graz (in German)

You have symptoms of illness or suspected of having contracted COVID-19?

  1. Don`t visit a doctor but call the health hotline 1450.
  2. Follow further instructions that you receive from the health hotline.
  3. Stay in self-isolation, i.e. avoid contact with other people. If such contact cannot be avoided, e.g. in the family, flatmates, pay particular attention to the rules of conduct to avoid infecting other people (distance, hand hygiene, mouth-nose-protection (FFP2)). 
  4. Inform the conference organiser

COVID-19 tests in Graz

The Austrian Federal Government offers free COVID-19 tests (rapid antigen tests and PCR tests) throughout Austria for people with a valid Austrian health insurance (e-card). Currently, a maximum of 5 PCR tests per month are free of charge. If you do not have Austrian health insurance, you can also get tested, but you have to pay for it (costs may vary). There are different possibilities to do a COVID-19 test if you don`t have symptoms:

1. Selected pharmacies Selected pharmacies offer COVID-19 rapid antigen tests and also PCR tests for people with a valid Health insurance.

2. Further testing facilities (PCR and antigen test) Apart from pharmacies you can also get tested in some other locations around Graz.

  • Target group: free for people with a valid Austrian Health Insurance (e-card)
  • More information: List of all testing facilities in Graz (in German)

Further medical facilities/laboratories which carry out COVID-19 tests in Graz

A PCR/rapid antigen test may also be taken at the following laboratories below. You must arrange an appointment in advance. You have to cover the costs for the test yourself.

PCR testing facilities (some of them also offer rapid antigen tests)

MEDIUS Primärversorgungszentrum
Leonhardplatz 3, 8010 Graz OR Lendplatz, 8020 Graz

Robert-Viertl-Straße 7, 8055 Graz
Appointment via phone or email: 0043 316 69 41 08 or office@hygienicum.at
Sign up system: https://www.hygienicum.at/bestellformular/

Labor Dr Tiran
Stadlgasse 3, 8020 Graz
Appointment via online system: https://tiran.cerdio.com/